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The Secretariat was established in 1999 when the telecommunications and postal sector underwent liberalisation. Before then, the ICT sector was under the defunct Kenya Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (KPTC) who were responsible for regulation and operations of all the activities of the sector. The liberalisation of the sector brought dissolution of KPTC and formation of the following institutions:
i. Communications Commission of Kenya (now Communications Authority of Kenya) as the regulatory body for the sector.
ii. Telkom Kenya as the national telecommunication operator.
iii. Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) as the national public postal operator.
iv. Communication and Multimedia Appeals Tribunal (CMAT) as the appellate body for the sector.
v. National Communications Secretariat
The reform process proposed the establishment of the National Communications Secretariat...

REMINDER: We invite all interested parties to make written submissions on the draft National #Spectrum Policy available here E-mail us before 16th Nov. 2020 @MoICTKenya @d_obam @CA_Kenya @WanjauMercy #5G #DigitalEconomyKE #ICT #Africa

Task Force on Development of National Film Policy and Bill, 2020 retreat:
Mr. Kibaara Kaugi -Ag. Director(DFS), Dr. Ezekiel Mutua -CEO(KFCB), Eng. Daniel Obam (Chair), Ms. Juliana Yiapan -SA(MOICT), Mr. Timothy Owase -CEO(KFC) &standing 2nd left Ms. Victoria Goro -Ag. Dir.(KFS)

Panelists discussed lessons learned during COVID-19 and called for continuous investments in connecting all learners especially those in rural areas to minimize the digital divide.

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